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About our company

Guest Student was founded in 2014 with the aim to help foreign students coming to Hungary in their day-to-day life. We wanted to help customers fit in more easily as well as handle administrative chores more effectively.

Today, there are more than 30.000 foreign students living in Hungary and their number increases every year, clearly requiring much more attention than the current level. With this in our minds we put together a variety of services, most of them coming from our own experience but also using the suggestions of our previous customers.

We strive to achieve that our customers feel at home in Hungary, just as if they visited a long-time friend.

We can provide useful assistance in several areas of life. Amongst many others we offer to organize transfers (personally) from the airport, and we have three ready-made bundles awaiting our customers straight from the moment of registration. However, if you have something specific to ask, don’t hesitate, contact us! We’re sure that we can solve your issue!

Should the need arise, we can help in the following cases:

– we help finding accommodation, if needed
– work opportunities, jobs
– recreation, leisure, sport activities
– sightseeing (Hungary, or Budapest, couple hours or half/full day even)
– organizing programs from a few hours length up to several days excursions
– customer, buyer discounts, benefits, club cards

Some of our most important services:


Everyone can find their dream home from our modern, practical and refined collection of apartments. From every district of Budapest or even in the agglomeration. Whether it is short or long term, a house or just a flat, we are sure to satisfy your needs. Our team makes sure that the administration is a bliss for you and that you get your desired home as fast as possible. If you choose us, you can be sure that everything will be handled professionally, we won’t let you down!

Job opportunities:

With our professionalism, you are bound to find your dream job in Hungary. Our team works with you until you secure your job, and we commit ourselves entirely to our customer’s needs. We have excellent connections with almost all of the prime workplaces in the country, so you can lay back and relax, if our team is on the job, you’ll be in the best hands! We’ll secure you a job, that will be both financially and professionally satisfactory.
Furthermore, our partners are not just employers, but mentors as well, not only moved by profit, but also by the development of their employees.


From our wide selection of programs everybody can find one fitting to their expectations. With many different areas: culture, recreation, sport and so on, we are trying to give everybody quite a few options. We are ready to show Budapest, or the whole country to everybody. From a few hours of sightseeing up to one or two days of excursions we are equipped to organize everything. Our services are primarily for foreign students, but if you are Hungarian with a foreign friend you can also participate in the programs.

If you choose us, you win approximately one, one and a half month in time and additional costs are saved during our cooperation! We are the only company in the country providing service of such extent and complexity. Our Company stand by its customers during their whole stay in Hungary, making their life easier, more organized, safe and more fun.

If you wish to use our services, please bear in mind that applying for them is available throught the website, where you can pick a package or standalone services. The list of these services is continuously improving, every now and then we have new incoming offers and options.

Our team’s most important values are flexibility and helpfulness. We strive to fulfill our customer’s request to the best level possible: providing the fastest, most secure and financially acceptable solutions.

If you like our Company and would like to join as a partner or as part of our team, write to us!

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