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FAQ & Rules

How to pay monthly rent fee?

  1. We have lunched online payment.

    2. You can transfer the rental fee to our bank account.
Name of the bank: Takarék Bank
Name of the Company: Guest Student Kft
Account number euro: (IBANHU89)1820 3215 0602 1753 5902 0017
Account number forint: (IBANHU28)1820 3363 0602 1753 4001 0027
* Please send the proof of payment to

      3. In person payments are possible always :
    –  Office : 500FT
    –  Accommodation : 1000FT 

When is the deadline for the payment ?

Rental Payment should be transferred or paid by cash before 15th of each month; each delay will charge the tenant 1,000 HUF daily.

Do you provide cleaning for the dormitories or flats?

Yes, we provide a weekly cleaning for all our accommodations, the cleaning will be covering the common area, kitchen, toilets, and corridors. Also, each property has a schedule that all the students should follow and to clean after themselves, since in case the tenants will depend on our cleaning which will be once per week, the hygiene will not be acceptable.

In case the condition of the apartment will be unacceptable will be obliged to charge all the students extra money which will be 1000 – 2000 HUF monthly based on the condition of the apartment.

Do you provide bed sheets and linens?

Due to coronavirus we are not allowed this year to provide used bed sheets and linens, we kindly ask each tenant to buy their own, or you can order from us which will cost between 5000 to 7000 HUF, and if you want to return them we can accept buying them based on the condition.

How can I report a maintenance problem in the property?

The maintenance problems should be reported immediately such as when any electrical equipment stopped working, heating problem, missing equipment, or any request by the tenant should be reported by email to Our Maintenance team will take care of fixing the problem starting from 24hr to 72hr on working days.

What furniture do we provide in the room?

Each tenant will receive a bed, chair, and studying table. For extra furniture the tenant can ask for more but the tenant will be charged for that.

In case any of the furniture is damaged by the tenant, the tenant will be obliged to pay for that or he/she will be charged from their deposit.

What do we provide in the kitchens?

Our kitchens are fully equipped with fridges, microwaves, ovens, pots, dishes, cutlery and everything that you need for cooking. The equipment that are provided should be kept in the kitchen; none of the tenants can keep them for themselves only. In case you have any request for more cooking stuff, the tenant should write to , our team will reply if your request can be provided or the tenant should buy it.

How can I get back my deposit?

Each tenant signed on a contract that clarifies the deposit claiming, the deposit can be returned within 1 – 30 working days. Each tenant should inform the management by the date of their check out at least 10 days before their check out, so our team will have time to go check the condition of the room or flat, In case everything is fine and tenant paid their monthly fee on time in the whole duration that they stayed with us, the team will accept their request immediately and the money will be returned within 30 working day maximum. In case the team found any damage in the facilities or the record of the payment shows many delays in transferring the monthly rent, the tenant will be charged from their deposit.

You can inform your check out by sending email to

Why do I need to pay a deposit for keys?

Each tenant will receive keys for the property that they are living in upon signing their contract, the deposit of the keys is usually 5,000 HUF in case the tenant loses their keys they will be charged all the amount.


Each tenant can get 10,000 HUF commission for one time if they bring a new tenant to our company.

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