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Welcome to the home of the Hungary Card!

Dear Future and Current Card Users,

Every year more and more of you learn about the Hungarian Tourist Card, also known as the ‘Hungary Card’. As the use of the card changes significantly this year, we would like to ask our current and future customers to get acquainted with the new situation well before acquiring the card.   The ‘Hungary Card’ is constantly developing to keep up with the latest trends, thus it is both worthwhile and necessary to spend a little time understanding the newest features. If you travel with us, you’ll soon find out that next to exploring Hungary’s sights, you can also benefit from our discounts and save some Forints along the way.

As usual, our list of accommodations is divided into the different regions of the country. The tourist service partners of the ‘Hungary Card’ are also listed there, so you can see where you can validate your discounts. The services of the previous cards, such as the 2017 edition (Basic and Plus both), have already been closely connected to various online outlets – more closely the website of the card. To be able to register yourself and your card, please visit, thus you can enjoy the benefits as early as possible.

The discounts granted by the card can be divided into three different groups:

  • the list of places where you can use your card on unlimited occasions,
  • then those that first have to be validated through the website, therefore are subject to limited use
  • and finally, those that can be used in exchange for a ‘Hungary Card Plus’ voucher

The vouchers granted by the ‘Hungary Card Plus’ are available in digital format from the purchase of the Plus package. The new addition in the current edition is that the owners of the ‘Hungary Card’ can purchase the Plus package, and the extra vouchers anytime. And when you use your vouchers, you are free to purchase another pack of them, and benefit from another round of discounts.

The ‘Hungary Card’ can be acquired two ways: either you purchase it as a private individual, or if you are an employee, your employer has the opportunity to purchase a card for you. In case of the latter, please contact your employer for more information.

We at GuestStudent with all our service partners wish you a pleasant travel and time with the ‘Hungary Card’ in the country. If you are a private individual and you wish to purchase a ‘Hungary Card’ please contact one of our Hungarian Colleagues for assistance.

Hungary Card Basic 2018 – Hungarian Tourism Card: 6000 HUF

Relax in the best possible way: with the ‘Hungary Card’ in your pocket your holiday budget never gets out of hand!

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