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Do you need complete painting for your office, home, … ? 


Do you need to pack and move your belongings to new destination? 

Washing Machine

We cover complete services about washing machines


Does your toilet or bathroom stuck? 

Furniture Assembly

Does your new furnitures needs to be ready to use?

Condominium Management

Do you need complete management of your office, houses, flats, … ? 


Our team is combined of very professional painters who has experiences more than 20 years in this field. 
Choose the color and leave the rest for us to prepare a perfect designed accommodation for you. 

Prices for Painting

  • Work Fee
  • Material Fee
  • Work fee : 800 - 1800Ft/sqm
  • Complete flat paint : we will discuss the full amount when contacted and personal visit
  • Fixing the wall and plural layer paint with extra fees
  • Paint colors are different in prices
  • Depending on the request, Prices will vary. Personal contact is needed

Packing and Moving

Expert team for packing, carrying and delivering to your new destination. 
Guaranteed experience employees to provide you comfort and trust on your belongings.  

Prices for Pack and Delivery

  • Starting Price
  • After First Hour
  • 14.000Ft for first our including the transportation and fuel 
  • Depending the request : every extra hour after first hour is 3.000Ft/Hour/Person


It is frustrating when something cause clog in the bathroom. 
Our team with professional instrument and experience will help you.  

Prices for Plunging

  • Starting Price
  • After 3 meter
  • Starting price included the 3 meters deep digging : 15.000Ft
  • Each Meter after 3 meter : 4.000Ft/meter
  • Depending the request and the job : Extra fee would be apply

Furniture Assembly

Leave the assembly of your new furnitures to us with expert  team to prepare the new belongings rapidly.

Prices for Furniture Assembly

  • Assembly
  • Other fees
  • Depending on the request : 4990Ft/Hour
  • Depending on the job other fees might be applied 

Condominium Management

We help you manage your property or office.
Cleaning, Maintenance, Management
Please contact us for more details

Washing Machine Assembly

We instal your new Washing Machine 

Prices for Washing Machine Assembly

  • Districts
  • Other fees
  • 8.000Ft in the below districts
  • District 5-6-7-8-9
    District 11 until Moricz
    District 12 until Mom park
    District 2 until Moszkva ter
    District 3 until Kolosy ter
    District 13 until angyalföld 
  • Depending on the job other fees might be applied 
  • Depending on the District other fees might be applied

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