Maintenance Services

It can be frustrating to find a team that can provide all the services combined, we care about our costumers so we gathered an expert team to provide a complete service pack for you.
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Painting Services & Categories

Our team is combined of very professional painters who has experiences more that 20 years in this field. 

  • 800 – 1800 FT/sqm
  • Complete flat paint with be discussed on the phone
  • Paint colors are different in prices
  • Depending on the request, prices will vary. 

Packing & Moving

Expert team for packing, carrying and delivering to your new destination.
Guaranteed experienced employees to provide your comfort on your belongings.

  • 14.000 Ft for the first hour including the transportation and fuel fee.
  • Depending on the request, every extra hour after the first hour is 3.000 Ft/Hour/Person

Plumbing Pipes

Is it frustrating when something cause clog in the bathroom? 
Our team with professional skill and instruments will aid to solve this issue. 

  • Starting price included the 3 meters deep digging : 15.000 Ft
  • Each extra meter after 3 meters: 4.000 Ft/Meter

Furniture Assembly

Leave the assembly of your new furnitures to us with professional team to prepare the new design of your property.

  • Depending on the request: 4990 FT/Hour

Washing Machine Installation

Did you buy a new washing machine and dont know how to install?
We have a team for that to install and prepare it to use. 

  • Depending on the type of the washing machine : 8500 Ft

Condominium Management

We help you manage and organize your office.
Cleaning, Maintenance, Management. 

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